Detox Your Armpits With This Natural How-To Guide

Detox Your Pits!


A few days ago a friend of mine starts talking to me about detoxing her pits- saying that it helps with BO issues- which really got me into researching this process.  A detox for your pits?! WHAT?!
We used a magical potion of bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar.

What it does:  Absorbs toxins, chemicals, & heavy metals.  This clay absorbs toxins & releases it’s minerals into the body.

Apple Cider Vinegar
What it does: Binds to toxins

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of binding and absorbing of toxins with these two detox components.

Why Detox Your Pits?
Nobody likes to smell funky, & we live in an age where we are willing to roll on whatever beautifully smelling chemical filled product we can find onto the area.  Our bodies are extremely susceptible to these toxins due to the fact that our armpits are a direct link to our lymph glands.

Detoxing with Bentonite Clay & ACV helps pull out the toxins from the deodorants & antiperspirants so you can start fresh!

Why Start Fresh?
There are many natural deodorants that help with any funk you find you may have. Doterra has a great one, along with Tom’s of Main!

Along with starting fresh, many women do this detox a few times a week & don’t use deodorant at all.  The Detox helps with any funk you get, & helps regulate your systems.

Your body releases toxins naturally through sweat, & our tender pits are one of the areas where this happens.

It’s okay to sweat.  We all do it.
Try this detox to manage the funk, &/or start fresh with a natural alternative.  Your body will thank you for it!!

The Process:
2 Tablespoons of Bentonite Clay
2 Tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar 

2 Teaspoons of water

Let sit for anywhere from 5-15 minutes.
If you have sensitive skin, leave on for the lesser time first, to get your body used to this process. 

*if you feel any burning or tingly feelings, wash off. your skin is sensitive from the toxins you’ve been rubbing over and over in the area*

-Grab Bentonite Clay Here
-Grab Apple Cider Vinegar Here or at any grocery store!
-Grab DoTerra Deodorant Here & Contact My Girl, Sam! <3

Have you tried this process before?? How did it work out for you? I’d love to hear your experiences! Drop a comment below, lovelies! <3

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