Defeat the Mommy Wars by Ending Your Internal Battle

Defeat the Mommy Wars by Ending Your Internal Battle

end mommy wars. you clean up enough shit at home. you don't need it online as well. @bipolauren_blog

I didn’t know becoming a mom was going to push me into the internet savvy world of gestational ass holes.  I took to the world wide web for motherly advice, expecting kind women willing to help me out with their own personal experiences.

What I have come to find is a definite lack in advice that has been replaced with a whole lot of bullying bitches.  I didn’t know that random women could be so passionately obsessed with my vagina & tits, as well as every other females.*
*well, I mean, outside of porn

  • If you go online looking for opinions on circumcision, you get the sanctimommies who are “intactivists” who LOVE to send you messages & photos of mangled, bloody baby penises-
  • Looking for advice on what formula to use? Be prepared to be sent nazi comments on how “breast is best” & how you’re a shit mom for not gifting your blessed child with your milk.
  • What? You have issues with milk production? How about a message or two on how you’re not trying hard enough, as if becoming a mom isn’t difficult…
  • Not using cloth diapers?? I know a few people who would enjoy telling you that you’re killing dolphins & elephants by using plastic shit catchers that will harm your baby & ruin the world.

OH and my FAVORITE topic…

  • Pro Vax? Get ready to be GUILTED by the anti-vax cause- The amount of infophotos showing that vaccinations are shooting mercury, baby fetuses, & chicken eyes into your child is absolutely ridiculous.

Regardless of if you’re an intactivist, pro circ, pro vax, anti vax, cloth diaper fanatic, or really just don’t give a fuck because you’re raising YOUR child how you want to…
You shouldn’t be penalized by the latter of your choice.
(we need more “I don’t give a fuck”ers, by the way)

I have a hard time with these mommy facebook groups because I’m looking for a community where I can relate to others & attempt to make some form of friend who knows what I’m going through as a new mom*
**outside socializing in the community doesn’t always happen as easily as we would hope, so this is just how it has to be

But how are we supposed to be okay with our motherly decisions when the support of our peers turns into poking, prying, & attempted dictatorship through the internet.  These bully & fear mongering tactics work for so many being preyed on, myself included.

I spend a lot of time reiterating my experiences with my childless friends, as well as my mother, & they cannot fathom how there are women as cruel & idiotic online, spouting off the absolute horse shit that they do.
My friends cannot give me advice from experiences, but they can easily tell me that the fuck tard advice I have been given online is dumb & for me to really think through what I am being told.

I’m one of the few with that beautiful support system, as motherhood can be a very lonely journey, one of which we were not properly informed on.

With each way of raising a child that is spouted out online, we are given so much information that it is hard to sift through it & really figure out what we want, or better yet, how we want to raise our Littles.

It’s so easy to be guilted by people who don’t exist in front of you; to be told that what you are doing is wrong- which leads to googling, links, pinterest posts, facebook groups- all of which just leave you even more confused &  frustrated that what you are doing is completely wrong.

I’m constantly telling myself that the decisions that I’ve made so far are wrong, that maybe he needs more natural shit, less tv, more fucking wooden toys (I really like wooden toys though), that the health decisions I have come to believe were correct were maybe wrong…
With these internal confusions comes defensiveness on the internet to people that don’t even matter.

Maybe we wouldn’t feel the need to thrust our opinions on other mommies if we were really confident that what we were choosing to do was correct…
It’s easy to tell someone they are wrong & to show them why you think that, just so you can sway them into your own personal validation…

OF COURSE, maybe I’m wrong about that & these women are just a load of batshit crazy cunts that really believe that they’re doing something noble.

My point is, maybe these stupid fucking mommy wars could just end if we could self validate & trust the fucking motherly instincts that we were biologically given!
Don’t worry about these dipshit moms telling you what to do.

Do you love your child?
Is your child happy?
Mostly? good. those fuckers scream a lot, we don’t count that part–
Is it your child?
Then it’s none of your fucking business.


Trust yourself.

Just one less pushy opinion would be one step towards us working together.
Trust Yourself.  Please. Help others like you would want to be helped.

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