Absence Will Grow to Appearance, I’m back bitches!

Absence Will Grow to Appearance

I’m Back Bitches!

What’s Up Everyone!
So it’s been a few fuckin months since posting & cannot say enough how sorry I am for it.  We picked up & moved from Hawaii to NORTH FUCKIN DAKOTA! This isn’t a permanent living state, we now travel for my main squeezes job- which is a DREAM. 

I’m out a sewing machine since we’ve moved & my crafting has pretty much come to a halt. I do have something else that I’ve been workin out on & that is my fitness! 
I’ve got my journey up on my instagram account & I’ve really grown a passion for it.  

I do have to say FUCK CARDIO though- lifting is way more enjoyable.  

I’m trying to sort through my mind as well.  Moving has been stressful, but fun- 

I need to become more active up on here & I would really LOVE to know what you all are wanting for content besides my crafting (; 
Workout tips? I could do that. 
I work out with my son -WHO IS TURNING ONE IN TWO FUCKIN WEEKS!!- & it makes it fun! I use him as my lifting buddy for many workouts, which he also finds enjoyable as well. 

What is going on in your life that you would love opinions on? Questions? Need advice?  Let me help you! 

I’m not sure what angle I’m going on here, but that’s the best part about having a blog based off of my Bipolar disorder… 


I love & adore all of you reading because if you’re here, you can relate to who I am as a person, which makes me feel less of a crazy bitch.
But before I forget- I need to thank everyone who has been repinning my DIY posts on pinterest, I’m so grateful for the support I have received being off line here. 

You’re all fuckin amazing!!



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