Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress: These Boots Were Made For Walking

Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress: These Boots Were Made For Walking… Me off a cliff




I did it. I purchased Maggie’s Stay on Bootie Pattern- HERE– 
I read the tutorial over & over again to attempt to ease my way into the pool of angst I was about to ABRUPTLY fall into.

It seemed pretty simple. The instructions & pattern are idiot proof- it really was written out beautifully.
But of course, they didn’t know I was going to be taking a smack at this & I made sure to mess up almost every single step.

Total time spent on project: 4 hours
Total time cutting: 1 hour
Total time spent ripping seams: 1.75 hours
Total time sewing everything together: 1.25 hours
Total needles broken: 4
(keep in mind, there was a rambunctious baby in my midst)
Rocks almost eaten in this time frame: 1
Bugs almost eaten in this time frame: 1

Level of difficulty for this project?
Level of idiocracy:
Good combination? No.

It really only takes a few seconds to mess up & have to rip everything.

It also only takes a few more seconds on top of that to redo my mistake.

I did that more than I want to admit to, today.

Maybe it was because I was trying to keep watch on my speed crawling baby who almost crawled his way outside-
Maybe it was because my Hubs left for work a week ago & me missing him, messes with my head a little-
It’s because I was sober.

Crafts, to me, are for night time when you can pop open your booze & not worry about needing to leave the home.
But I was feeling ambitious today for the first time since my Baby left, so I had to act on that feeling, & QUICKLY.

I cut out my pattern & started my fluffy bootie project!
I put the incorrect pieces together, backwards, & sewed.
*Realized this was incorrect.*
No matter, just a little seam rip.

Then I put the incorrect pieces together, backward, & sewed.
awesome, this loo–NO. THIS IS INCORRECT.
Let’s rip the seams again.


cool. next step.

I again put the CORRECT pieces together, and sewed.
AWESOME, I DID IT CORR–no. no I didn’t.
I sewed the wrong side.. something else should have been left open.
Rip some more seams…

oh. kid trying to escape out the back door…
take a break.

I then put the CORRECT pieces together and sewed the CORRECT SIDE.

it went a little easier for the next few steps.

Once all pieces were finished & topstitched, putting them together involved so much more seam ripping.
I don’t think I have ever used a seam ripper so much in my life.
I messed up so badly on the sole of the shoe connecting to the back that i had to recut the back piece & sole, redo beginning steps, THEN put them back together.

One shoe looks way worse than the other.

I did them all backwards.
So I forced them all out and redid them..
Don’t worry, I only put 2 snaps in backwards the second time…
Then I redid those two snaps…

The elastics was the easiest part & the ONLY part I didn’t have to redo. Really, the way the elastics work in these booties, is genius.

I’m excited to try again, ANOTHER DAY.

I really wish I could explain exactly how I made these crooked works of art and specifically how I messed up , but that would kind of give away the pattern & tutorial … & I think you just need to spend the $5 to give it a go, yourself, if you haven’t already (; —


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