The Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress: Part One

The Tales of a Wannabe Seamstress: PART ONE



Today I decided it was going to be the day I got some sewing projects done! I was going to make my 8 month old little man a beanie, a bibdana, matching soft slippers, AND MY FIRST ATTEMPT AT A HYBRID DIAPER!

I cut out my beanie & bib first & got to sewing.
Beanie came out perfect! -If I was making a hat for a newborn. Cool. so project one didn’t work. That’s okay, onto project two!

I started my bib. I had my 2 layers of flannel & one layer of a receiving blanket for absorption for his niagra falls mouth cut and I was ready to go!
Commence Sewing.
It was beautiful! There was a perfect seam allowance around the edges & everything was ready to be flipped right-side-out to close the hole & begin topstitching..
Until I realized I sewed it pretty sides facing each other with the receiving blanket in the middle… So it was insideout/rightside. It was wrong. It was so wrong.
Out came the seam rippers.
I started my ripping journey.
30 minutes, 4 holes in freshly frayed flannel, & mass amounts of frustration later, the ripping was over. Time to attempt the sewing again.
Wonkey. It is so wonkey. There is a hole in the neck from the ripping that I didn’t properly close off, the bandana part looks ridiculous, & it’s almost too small in the neck area to fit around his 6 chins.
I put the female side in first. Perfect. It came out perfect.
Male side… Backwards. I PUT IT IN BACKWARDS.
SO, I had to try and break the sucker out. Which, of course, took me 10 minutes along with my huge mommy muscles.
Redone properly.

After this discouragement, I decided to print off the diaper pattern & possibly start my first hybrid.
I was given time alone for the first time in MONTHS & I wanted something to turn out how I wanted!!
I found a perfect pattern, plugged my laptop into the printer & began the printing process.
Page 1- printed
Page 2- printed
Page 3- printed
Page 4- printed

That was a sign. I was to clean up my sad sewing mess & go back to my beautifully frustrating baby boy.

That was when I realized that I forgot the most important factor to all of my successful sewing…

I forgot to pop open my bottle of wine.

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